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05 December 2019A Day of Your Choosing. A visit to Cambridge on December 5th 2019

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A Day of Your Choosing. A visit to Cambridge on December 5th 2019
Thursday 05 December 2019

Our Visits Team have decided to make the Christmas time trip to Cambridge this year.    There are so many different cultural opportunities, and most of them are reasonably close together, plus Kettles Yard is open again!……….AND/OR  you can enjoy the  Cambridge shops, perhaps some Christmas Shopping?

COST £20.00 per person.  Booking forms have been sent out to all members.  You can download a form by clicking here

A list of all the possible places to visit will be given to everyone on the bus as well as a  map showing all points of interest.

There will be four free exhibitions in the Fitzwilliam Museum: -

(1) Rembrandts etchings of the nude, (2) The Art of Food In Europe  1500 to 1800,  (3) Seeing Sound:- Music, imagery and imagination,  (4) Fans Unfolded, conserving the Lennox-Boyd collection of decorative fans.

Belle’s coach will leave Aldeburgh Church car park at  8.30 a.m.,

picking up at Wickham Market at 8.45 a.m..

We shall leave from Queens Road,  Cambridge at 4.00 p.m..