The Arts Society East Suffolk's Young Arts projects

At our  November 2017 AGM Denis Gahagan stepped down from the committee, so we currently have a vacancy as our Young Arts projects leader. .

One small new project in 2017was to glaze and fire small ceramic figures by members of Aldeburgh Youth Club.  Three other excellent projects, identified and presented to the Committee by Denis Gahagan, were funded by our Society in the year .

One was for £500 for a 3D printer for use at Aldeburgh library, where young people would design objects, the use technology to produce the object.

We also contributed £1000 to enable Aldeburgh Cinema to gain a grant of a further  £5000 to be used on a project in the cinema encouraging young people to enjoy quality films and learn about the art and craft involved in filmaking.  

The final 2017 Young ARts project funded by The Arts Society East Suffolk was for £300 for Coldfair Green Primary School to purchase an 'Art Shed' for young pupils to experiment in a rnage of art styles and materials.