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28 January 2020Rembrandt: Bohemian or Businessman. Romantic or Rebel
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27 October 2020Raphael of Urbino: Artist and Architect
24 November 2020A 21st Century Renaissance : Chatsworth and The Devonshire Collection of The Modern Age
08 December 2020The Art of Celebrating Christmas
26 January 2021The Sunflower: In Art and Culture

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Rembrandt: Bohemian or Businessman. Romantic or Rebel Jane Choy – Thurlow Tuesday 28 January 2020

Rembrandt is considered by many to be Holland’s greatest artist and the equal of Mozart, Shakespeare and Michelangelo. Unlike van Gogh, the other great Dutch artist, Rembrandt has not left much written material explaining his views on art, but what he has left is a unique visual autobiography in his self-portraits which he did from the age of 20 to 63, the year of his death. This lecture will use the self-portraits as a thread through his life and with his other masterpieces explore the man and what, why, and how he painted. Was he indeed a businessman or bohemian, rebel or romantic?

Biographical Note; Jane Choy-Thurlow is a docent and enjoys giving lectures and tours at the Mauritshuis, Prince William V gallery and  Huygens Museum Hofwijck in The Hague, The Netherlands. A few of the many exhibits in the Mauritshuis she has been part of are: the  legendary Johannes Vermeer exhibit, Rembrandt by Himself and Holbein, Portraitist of the Renaissance.

An active member of The Arts Society, she is a founding member of DFAS of The Hague and has fulfilled committee positions including  chairman and Mainland Europe Area Chairman and presently is Area Trainer and a New Societies committee member. She received her BSc from Salem State University, USA, her Med from Trinity College Dublin and continued art history studies at Leiden University.